Value from Software

Our Credo

How do you get value from all your computing equipment, electronic devices, and IT services? By buying more of them, by hooking them together, by clicking and tapping on them? No?

We believe that software is the essential creator of value behind computing equipment and Internet services. We help you select or develop, configure or maintain, specify or tune software to create value for your business. We support you with the management of your information technology and your software to make them boost your core competences.

Our Experience

We have successfully worked with businesses to multiply the value they get through information technology. We speak both the languages of business benefits and technological features, and are able to translate between them. We have experience in projects including
  • Creating new value from software
    • Evaluating, selecting, coaching, and executing research & development projects
    • Specifying, designing, and planning custom software development
    • Designing reliable and efficient algorithms
    • Developing high-quality apps
  • Aligning business practices to enhance value from software
    • Designing business strategies that cope with IT progress
    • Designing IT strategies
    • Adapting processes in a way that technology can enhance them
    • Managing organizational transformations
  • Increasing value from existing software
    • Evaluating algorithms and computational methods, and improving or replacing them
    • Deriving knowledge by mining data
    • Adding value-increasing configurations to standard software
    • Tuning time-critical software for high performance
    • Improving computer simulation practices
  • Practices that create value from software instead of destroying it
    • Taking the right make-or-buy decisions for software and services
    • Specifying and testing
    • Managing outsourced service and development
    • Evaluating security threats and how to mitigate them